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Brown Butter & Peaches

Last night I tried out a new recipe for peaches and ice cream and it was amazing, not to mention easy peasy. I sliced up four peaches and then tossed and coated them with 2 tablespoons of sugar in a mixing bowl. Then I browned the butter - about 3 tablespoons - in a saute pan over medium heat. 

Browning butter is one of my favorite things. If you have never done it, go do it right now. 

Stir consistently (a few minutes) until it gets frothy and caramel-nutty smelling at which point it is one of the most delectable flavors and smells you will ever encounter. When it has reached this state of perfection, you can stir in the peaches for a couple of minutes until they are heated through and you have a syrup from the sugar and butter. Pour over vanilla ice cream, and voila! You now have gourmet peaches & cream, and a lovely evening. Be prepared to feel like foodie royalty. 

Side note:
JD: "We've been eating ice cream everyday lately."
Me: "Well,'s summer!" And my birthday month - which I celebrate devoutly all-month long.

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