I'm Heather - lifestyle photographer & homeschooling mama. We choose simple and slow. Freedom and fresh air. And I like to make things beautiful.

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Blank canvas syndrome is something I'm familiar with as a painter, but staring down a new media is a different beast entirely. Especially one so well documented and shared. 

This is for me. Obviously you're reading this, but at it's heart, it's just for me. I want a beautiful place where I can curate and store up my experiences, musings, little lines, and photos - among other life-things. 

And it's sifted. That word wrapped it's tendrils around me the other day. I want this to be sifted - you know - just the good stuff. Thoughtful. Edited. I want to remember all the lovely bits - and all as lovely - even the messy parts. It is not my intention to erase the mundane or trivial, but rather celebrate it with style.

Brush to canvas.

"It is the best summer" | to Alice