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Excerpt to Alice | 8.12.12

You have the feet of a tree frog. And you yawn really big - just like me. Although, you only do it because it is natural and you don't know about social etiquette, like cover your mouth (unfortunately I do, so I have no excuse for my big, gaping yawns). One day you yawned so big and long I put my nose in your mouth for a couple of seconds and pulled it back out in time before getting your wet little gums on it. :)

I have to give up dairy for a while to see what the cause of your gas is - that means anything with cow's milk, namely cheese - my favorite food group - so I hope you know how much I love you. It just breaks my heart to see you in so much pain and not be able to help you.

You're starting to enjoy bathtime now. And by enjoy, I mean not cry inconsolably. You'll like it even more when you can play with all the cute, little rubber duckies people bought you.

I love you - as always.


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