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Greek Salad & Green Beans Sauteed in Bacon

It was another great food day at la Casa de Hall. 

Last week for lunch, I made a Greek salad with some cucumbers my friend, Libby, grew in her garden. Greek salad = no lettuce. Just the toppings - it's wonderful.

First, I put 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a mixing bowl to which I added a splash of apple cider vinegar (any acid would do - lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, etc.), some minced garlic and a shake of oregano. I know, I know...a "splash" and "a shake"? Seriously?? This is how my mind works, people. Rigid measurements are the equivalent of calculus or physics where you only get one right answer. *Shudder*  I'm more of a right-brained, open-essay kind of girl who likes to embellish and change things here, there, and everywhere. There has to be room for interpretation. Breathing room. As soon as I see a recipe with exact measurements and involved directions, I immediately close the book. Sorry, honey - no baked goods in your future. 

Cooking, on the other hand, is wonderfully forgiving, filled with compromises, whimsy, and imagination. That is something I can handle. Anyway...enough of my philosophy from the kitchen...

After swirling this delightfully aromatic mixture around I added the sliced cucumbers and sliced tomatoes (I like 1 inch chunks) and some crumbly feta. I've also got an avocado and onion on standby to slice up and throw in, but I was too hungry to wait that long. Toss it together and BAM! Delicious summer food. 

My dad brought over a fresh bag of green beans the day before, so I cleaned, prepped, and boiled them for sauteing in bacon fat. Yes, bacon fat. It was amazing. Recipe here: When we make bacon, we siphon off the bacon grease into a mason jar and keep it in the refrigerator until such occasion calls for bacon coated green beans. It's my new favorite way to eat them. 

Buen provecho!

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