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One-Car Family

We recently became a one-car family and so far it's a success. I can't say we're experts at it yet or have had too many obstacles because our bikes get us through the nice weather - and I'm a stay at home mom while JD carpools - so our car-needs are few. Some days JD has to drive to work, but more often than not the car stays home and even more often than that, I tote Alice around on the bike trailer around town. 

All of this biking has been great on our gas tank - not to mention my figure. And it feels so decidedly french to buzz around on a set of vintage wheels in a cute skirt. I love it. It's been a lifestyle change I've embraced wholeheartedly and we're happy to finally be able to. One of the reasons we chose to live in town (and a small one) was for this sort of transportation. We were tired of having to drive everywhere when we lived on the edge of Omaha - especially after the ease of getting around Córdoba, Argentina by walking or using the bus system. It really is a privilege to not only have a bike but to feel safe enough to scoot from place to place over short distances. 

I suppose when the weather gets hostile (typical Nebraska summer and winter extremes) it will be more difficult and I anticipate we'll make sacrifices, but it will be a fun challenge. Next summer we'll start looking for a used 4-door vehicle ("why used?" will be another post), but right now we're content with our bikes and our race-car neon (it gets 35+ mpg!). It's small but it suits us and our family needs at the moment and it has performed splendidly. JD's dad bought it for him in high school and it's been the perfect little car. We'll keep it until it dies. 

the bike JD bought me from a cute, old man last summer - c'est parfait!

the first letter to Alice...

June | 2013