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One Skirt, All Summer

A number of months ago, Megan Hunt (Princess Lasertron) inspired me with a blog post she wrote about her personal challenge of wearing the same dress everyday ( I say one, but I think I've gathered it's one kind - several versions of that one - that she rotates. She chose one that flatters her, that she feels good in, and that she can dress up or down easily. The key is easy, pretty, and versatile. This inspired me to look in my closet to see what I already had that I could streamline my life with.

I decided on one skirt. This summer, I have worn one skirt every day. Only one. Literally, the exact same one. This might gross some people out, but getting ready in the morning is so easy now and I feel great about how I look. Every. Day. For those of you who see me on a daily basis, I promise I wash it! I don't stink! (Although, today is an exception - I'm on Day 2 of my every-other-day-shower-cycle and we rode bikes yesterday and for 2 hours running errands this morning and it's hot and humid out. All I can say is "sorry." I'll be fresh again tomorrow.)

The skirt in question? One full, black, cotton skirt with beautiful cream embroidery on the hem that hits at my knees, which takes it from simple to cultured and fancy, but still allows me to look effortlessly put together. It comes up to my waist so it emphasizes the narrowest part of me and compliments my hourglass shape. Then I throw on whatever top I want with it because it looks good with everything in my closet. Black flat sandals for daily adventures and nude peep-toe wedges for when I want to feel "extra" and there you have it: my summer wardrobe.

Laundry is minimal. I'm not going through a ton of clothes every week. I feel smokin' whenever I leave the house. It's practical as a stay at home mom - Alice can get her sticky paws on me and it's dark so it won't stain. I can dress it up for date nights with my esposo. Check. Check. Check! Fits the bill for everything. And it is such a relief knowing I'm not going to waste time every morning "making outfits" that cause me to question my appearance and consequential self-esteem throughout the day. Does this really look good on me? Do these colors/cuts/prints go together? When did the seem on the bum of my slacks turn white from stretching? Ugh. So glad I don't have to deal with that anymore. For me and my body, a skirt is the way to go - adjusting as I grow and shrink - and this one has been perfect.

Did I mention it's machine washable? "Machine washable" = hallelujah. Those words are magic to this mommy's ears. All of my dry clean only things now hang in my closet for special occasions, too nice to give away and too expensive to use regularly. What a wardrobe tragedy. When I was working and without a baby, it was justifiable enough - and at times necessary - to have items that required special laundering, but now it's just a burden - time wasting and expensive.

What a relief this new routine has been! This wardrobe challenge hasn't been a challenge at all - it's liberating to know what half of my outfit will be everyday. Even more so because the other half is usually dependent on the temperature outside and what's clean. I only hope I can find this much versatility in  my fall and winter wardrobe! Let the brainstorming begin...

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