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August & September | 2013

frolicking Alice

our first (and very late) raspberry harvest

my new apron, made by my dearest Angela - best gift ever! wear it every day

Maple Chocolate Almond Toffee Shortbread Cookies = best 6 words strung together. Made 4 dozen of these bad boys.

I got the job! College of St. Mary has hired me to be their photographer. God really answers prayers.

grow, cabbage, grow!

Alice the Explorer

Our beloved and only tree the morning before it came down (Alice playing on the porch). Will miss it's shade and beauty. 

down to the ground

parceled off some cute little gourds for friends to welcome the fall

Oh, no big deal, just Alice doodling her first drawing - on the pink vellum I was saving for a special project, of course. But I suppose, what could be more special than this? My little artist...

butternut squash harvest

Anna Karenina Babylit Fashion Primer from Aunt Sarah and Annabeth

Alice's new shoes made by Aunt Lynnie

perfect fall pears traded from my friend Honour

My "new" plates. Started collecting plates and saucers as I find them at thrift stores to recoup some of the ones we've broken. I get so much joy using them! And only $.25 a piece, to boot :)

kick-butt thing I built with Alice's blocks - I might be more proud of this than my paintings...

fish-face Alice - definitely my child

wine, chocolate, and cheese for a night with my bosom friend, Libby


Alice's winter coat! Took a lot of searching to find this beauty from Carters. Regularly $50, got it for $30 before shipping. Thank you, Gramma Jo, for buying Alice's coat! 

candied apples made by Libby for Annie and Bethany's surprise baby shower

Alice the Photography Assistant styling apples for our shoot

loves of my life

These are a few of my favorite moments and things from August and September. Thank you, God, for blessing me so abundantly!

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