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Excerpt to Alice | 12.7.12

Your socks are always soaked, your little chubby ankles bared by your sock-pulling. You curl up into a ball just to eat the tips of those stretched out socks. You stay entertained like that for quite a while. I think you'll have a tooth coming in soon. You gnaw on things hard - especially if you grab a hold of one (or 3) of my fingers. By the time I get them back they are shriveled prunes, pink from being chewed on and dangling with Alice slobber. (You slobber like it's your job.) You say the cutest syllables when munching on things, experimenting with new sounds. I love to nibble your cheeks, your ears, your toes (when you haven't got to them already) and rub noses. You put your forehead to mine and try to communicate with me, eyes locked. You're so intent - earnest - while you talk in your bubble-razzy language, spraying anything in front of you. Usually me. It's so sweet I don't even mind. Oh, Alice, I sure do love you.


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