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Excerpt to Alice | 9.25.12

You turned 2 months old yesterday. Papa Phil called to tell you "Happy Birthday." You are a chatterbox. You try to talk all the time now. And smile. You didn't fuss much at all last night. We hope that is a trend. And we're starting to put you down at 9 p.m. Sometimes you stay up but you don't cry, at least, and you put yourself to sleep, but the other night you just wanted to stay up and talk to me and smile and box. You box like a prize fighter. You ball your little fists and move them around like you're ready to zero in on a target and punch. Your feet usually work in tandem with your arms. It's adorable.

Gramma Jo bought you socks - 6 month socks. You have the longest feet. You love to look at them. And you love to look at yourself in mirrors. You even smile and jabber at yourself :)

You are a better napper during the day. You love to suck on your fingers. You drool all the time and blow the cutest milk bubbles. You're wearing 3 month clothes. You're still bald on top and sporting a downy-soft mullet. When your hair is mussed in the back you look like a little, old man that just woke up from a nap - specifically, Frank from Everybody Loves Raymond.

You cried and cried the other night and then you fell asleep on your daddy's chest. You wrapped him around your finger in that moment, drooling on him in your cupcake footie pajamas.

We're so in love with you, Alice. We're lucky to be your parents. We love watching you grow and learn and smile.

Happy 2-Month, Munchkin!


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