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October & November | 2013

Oh, October! You are a beautiful month and I treasure you most of all. I love your colored leaves, branches quietly letting go, crunching underfoot. You bring pumpkins, hot chocolate, jazz, the cool (and chapped lips - but I love you anyway). Alice adored everything you gave her, especially getting to wear her hat and boots. We frolicked and basked and gathered. Then without so much as a by-your-leave you were off again and ushering in November. November is lovely and all, but I miss you, October. Til next year...

Alice in Wonderland | Vala's Pumpkin Patch

Pensive Alice | "whee!"

Last December, JD won a free year of Noodles & Co. (!!!)  Here were their new dishes we got to try before they came out a couple of months ago. We go 4 times a month and each get a free meal, including Alice. The managers, Danielle and Shawn, are so good to us!

Trip to the local Orchard

Drawing Alice's boot - teaching one of my art students "value" right now

May I present to you...Alice the Photographer!

Chocolate & Oranges - two ingredients that are meant for each other

Little Red Riding Hood - what a fun Halloween we had! Cape made with love by Aunt Lynnie.

my desk space as of late

Journals in a napkin holder, Danish bear, BOSE, pencils & pens in straw holder, Papa Milo in uniform, gold paperclips

Annabeth, Alice, & Silas - cutest Husker buddies you ever did see

Alice in the Fall

Charge! Speaking of charge...

Best family photo ever? She didn't smile once, but this one is almost worth it :) What a little Viking.

I've been spending some time going back through my photos from Scotland and re-editing them with Lightroom. Below is the "before" and above is the "after." 
I love editing!

My inspiration board lately

. I've just realized how much I gravitate towards the outdoors and green and blue. Anyone who really knows me would probably say "duh!"

Jackson, Alice, & Harrison - my Tuesday Posse

designing stationary for Christmas presents :) 

Castle on the windowsill in the morning light. Built by Alice and Aunt Lynnie the night before.

Tea cups from Gramma Alice. They make my heart go pitter patter.

Decking the halls and checking our lists! It's Christmas time at the Hall house and we are so excited to celebrate with our first ever tree! The stockings are hung with care - Aunt Lynnie made one for Alice and one for JD last year so this is their big debut. A gathering basket of Christmas books on the hearth keeps us busy and our little wooden sled carries us all over the house. Thanks, Grandma Linda! 
We ♥ Christmas!!

Thank you, Lord, for all the big and little blessings you give us.

Excerpt to Alice | 9.4.12

Excerpt to Alice | 8.27.12