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February | 2014

February, you were filled with lots of photo shoots and Round No. 2 of the flu. Yuck. Send in March, please!

for those of you who just like to scroll through to see Alice, this is your month...

"cheese!" you can tell she has a crinkle smile :)

Alice trying to give Annabeth a smooch - Anna is too busy waving. Poor fish-lips Alice!

rejected - oh, that tear!

one more try

that's a negative puppy-dog-sad-face Alice


took a million Valentine's Day photos...and just had to share them :) how could I keep them all to myself?

painting flowers and building a snowman

"I did it!"

sledding with daddy before the sun melts away the disappearing snow 

don't even think about it, Alice

"think about what?"

"oh, drawing on the walls? I wasn't going to do that!..."

"or was I...?"

"just kidding! Of course I wasn't!!"

Alice building with her Lego Duplos - she finally gets how to "stack"! Her favorite is making one tall tower :) Thank you, Aunt Sarah! HUGE hit. 

Alice and her bestie, Zia

Chillin', A-Z style

This concludes February's Alice-photo-fest. Come back next month!

And then there were four...

Valentine's Day & Mandarin Olive Oil Cake