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May | 2014

May, where on earth did you disappear to? Your 31 days of winter/spring/summer have melted into the heat and humidity of June and you took my peonies with you. That's all right - they were lovely and fragrant while they lasted and I thoroughly enjoyed them. We've been playing in our garden, entertaining endless bike ride and park requests by the Almost-Two-and-Rather-Demanding/Enthusiastic Alice, and watching an ever-growing baby bump. Seems like everything is in full bloom at the Hall House these days...

Never imagined we would inherit such beautiful blooms when we moved into our old home - we're the luckiest kids on the block!

Started watercolor painting with my students - never studied it in college, but it's been fun to dabble in. Just started getting a couple of layers down on some Arche's Cold Pressed Paper - it's magic paper. Can not wait to see how it handles thick acrylic.

"Hello. My name is Alice. Nice to meet you."

Planted a new Red Oak sapling next to the one we had to cut down last year. OPPD gave it to us for free and said if we planted it in this quadrant of our yard it would cut our energy bill - guessing that'll take a couple of decades ;) Alice likes to give it plenty of hugs and kisses. 
Btw, it was cold when we did this last month! Definitely not May weather.

Also, planted a new Autumn Gold Ginkgo Tree in the front yard. They're not terribly common in this part of the state, but I love their fan-shaped leaves...

In other news, Lost-Russian-Princess Alice is sporting this Spring's new look: Fur-lined Easter Egg Basket Hat with Purple Satin Bow and Pink Apendages

Casa de Hall Garden: Year Two
It's going to be so much better. Can't wait to do a post on what we learned from last year's efforts and yields, and how we're doing it differently this time.

A little friend made his new home in our chives. Get those bugs, Spider! (Itsy Bitsy Spider is Alice's all-time favorite song right now and can sing you the whole thing). 
And did you know you can eat chive flowers? They add a lovely dash of color to your dish and just a hint of onion aroma and flavor.

Trying to get smarter with our spacing. JD created a radish/carrot seed mix that he lined the cabbage quadrants with. (We moved the cabbage to the shadiest spot.) Radish mature much more quickly, so by the time they're ready, the carrots will be well-spaced and just starting to grow.

The raspberries filled in this year. We transplanted some little ones from my dad's garden last spring (warning: they go through major transplant shock), put up some bars and wire for support, and BOOM! Raspperry explosion this spring. Once they're establish they take over fast. There's not even space between them anymore. Glad we've got them penned in, but we keep finding more little seedlings outside of their border. Looking forward to a decent harvest this year. Do you remember them from last season?:

Chives at dusk

Alice the Cutest Sailor Ever in her new onesie from Grandma Linda. Turns out it matches her sun hat and boots perfectly :) We spent a fun Memorial Day weekend with the Hall Family in Ogallala. Thanks for all the food and gifts!

Me: "Smile, Alice!"
Alice: "Cheese...?"

pretty peonies around the house

Garage Sale Season has officially started in Blair! Found all of these goodies for under $20 and 3 hours of treasure-hunting, and all thanks to the mister while he watched Alice and I played. Husbands are the best! Well, mine is :)

Wooden pull-along grasshopper: $5; brand new IKEA abacus: $2; glass cake dome and pedestal: $1; woven/leather side bag: $2; giant spool of cream cotton ribbon: $2; books: $6.50. 

And Linda Hall, I blame you for my garage sale enthusiasm. I don't think I'd ever been to one until I went with you, and now I'm hooked for life - and I love it :D JD, thank your mother.

Splashing in the "big tub" with daddy

We also inherited roses with our home. JD split one into three different bushes, so now we have those, plus the original where a root sent up a new plant. 

p.s. Editing is my favorite. I adore turning my floral photos into moody, romantic images. Maybe I'll start selling them...

Speaking of photography, I've been officially in business for a whole year!

Tried my hand at wedding photography, too. Thank you, Kendra, for letting me experiment on your big day!

Check the ring, bro.

Got to do a few College of St. Mary Graduation events. Congrats, girls!

And our little friend, Annabeth, turned one! Happy Birthday, Anna!!

Happy May!

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