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June | 2014

June is always the best month of the year. Why, you ask? 

It's mah birthday. (28 this year! Every year keeps getting better...)

And I celebrate all. Month. Long. Since it's not til the 30th, I feel entitled to party til the very end. Every June, I get long days, warm weather, daily ice cream, cards from friends and family (I'm such a sucker for snail mail - instant love tank refill), special birthday offers to my favorite stores, and usually an evening out - or two. Starbucks even sends me a free drink, and while I know it's a corporation and part of the gold card gimmick (which I'm very happy to be a part of), it still makes me feel awfully special. 

And while the funnel cakes and merry go-round at the carnival, candy at the parade, our anniversary, playdates to the pool, and other fun June events have nothing to do with my birthday, they still herald a great month. Not even a hailstorm can dent my June bliss.

Cheers, June! 

raspberry sherbet in jadite bowls

Alice's highlight of the carnival - not the funnel cake or the bobbing ducks - just two rides on the merry-go-round. Had to take her home kicking and screaming for more.

Alice & Daddy at the parade

had some fun using my peonies in one of my watercolor art lessons

our backyard was a mix of vinyl siding, hail stones, and leaves/branches from the neighbors trees after the big storm blew through

Wednesday morning

Wednesday afternoon

Hoping to get the roof, siding, windows, fence and deck going in July

My dad finished our table! I am sooooo happy to be able to host our friends and family for meals now. I feel like such a grown-up. Thanks, Dad! You're the best!! (p.s. this thing weighs at least 200 pounds. Kahnk-built.)

Scored these four Danish mid-century modern chairs at Yankee Peddler in Fremont. Just need a re-upholstery job and they'll be perfect! 

And my grandma gave us 6 of the other chairs that have been passed down through our family for years. They're in great shape and perfectly suited to our style.

Moved the old table to my studio for art lessons - fits in perfectly!

Re-upholstered a new chair for Alice's big-girl room
see post here

we found out we're having a boy!

Alice was a fan of this photoshoot. I should bribe her with cookies more often.

The first toy for our little Milo. Thanks, Aunt Lynnie! He's going to love teething on this.

the bump keeps growing! (20/22 weeks)

made a book celebrating Grandma Alice & Papa Milo's 60th Anniversary

then & now

Speaking of books, this is what happens to ours when Alice sleeps with them. She takes "devouring books" to a whole new level. *Sigh* We've learned our lesson: no more books in the crib.

"You think I could be capable of such destruction?" Look at those innocent.

this is what I get when I ask Alice to smile and say "cheese" - really need a new method

Alice, you melt my heart, like, every day. So glad you're ours.

Enjoying coffee/whipped cream at our favorite family past-time. Love that messy face!

watercolor lessons = cherry nut fudge and peanut butter panic

"I like my headband!" 

radish harvest No. 2

stylin' with Lucy

outtakes from this shoot

We love summer!

Thank you, everyone, for the presents, visits, cards, texts, calls, and birthday wishes. This mama feels awfully spoiled!

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