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A Step-Stool for Alice

Now that Alice is officially a big girl, it was time to start enabling her to do things - as Alice would say, "all by myself." Part of that involved allowing her to get to places she didn't have access to without us before.

Cue the need for a step stool. 

The one I had my heart set on was this wooden beauty sold on Etsy but alas, it had a pretty price tag to go along with it - so we improvised. JD built the frame with scrap wood and then filled in holes and smoothed it out with wood filler and sandpaper.

hardware we salvaged from some of the old windows that broke in the storm

once I got a hold of it, I gave it three coats of white cabinet paint

...and sanded down the tops to see the wood

then it was time to put on the hardware!


It's got "character" (translate: not the most beautiful thing ever made), but it works and cost nothing! 

Now our big-little girl can do more things "all by herself" :D

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