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August | 2014

Does it seem like the months are going faster and faster? Maybe I'm just feeling the crunch because there is still so much to do before Milo arrives in November. T-2 months and then we'll have another baby Hall in our home! 

Here are some of our August shenanigans...

nutella cracker snack time
raising her right :)

gathering our garden goods

Alice & Mommy playing in the garden
Had the privilege of selling over 40 pounds of my tomatoes to Butch's, the local deli, this summer!

Alice's Big Girl Room is done!
see post here

"they're hearts, mommy"
I try not to be overly impressed with my own progeny, but I can't help it sometimes. Alice, you're pretty brilliant for a toddler - these are totally hearts.

"I built a castle!"

...and mommy built a painting

tried out a new location for a photoshoot - Desoto National Wildlife Refuge - and loved it!



I had been waiting for an excuse to nix the khaki in our house since we moved in, and the storm gave us one! New windows, patio door, caulking, and new thermostat meant it was time to re-paint. 
I hired Jennifer Giandinoto (281.825.6835 | who did a wonderful job. She and her assistant painted this room and the playroom in 6 hours. !!! She was clean, professional, timely, and brought all of her own supplies. I would highly recommend her. 

And I love the paint we chose (I chose. JD just nods - smart man). It really lightens and livens the rooms up.

Dining Room: Benjamin Moore Morning Dew (gray/green)
Playroom: Benjamin Moore Arctic Gray (gray/blue)

Playroom before | after

Of course, about a month after the storm, we found out the cast iron pipe behind this section of drywall had a foot long crack, so the plumbers (Jetter's from Fremont - awesome crew) tore out the drywall floor to ceiling and fitted a new pipe. Then we hired our friend, Riley, to re-drywall. Everyone did such an outstanding job, but this, too, meant new paint. Oh darn ;)

Doesn't it look so much better?! This is the most colorful color I've ever committed to and I have to say I'm lovin' it. So much more fresh and cool and right.

The other afternoon, JD was playing the guitar in the playroom and I noticed it just popped against the blue of the wall, so we got a mount off of Amazon and now it has a new, safe home.

Big Sis Paparazzi

adventure tools:
wooden spoon | spyglass - I mean, aluminum foil roll spray-painted gold | magnifying glass & magic wand from Aunt Lynnie

napping Alice

sweetest little bug with eyelashes for days
Oh, I love you, Little One

"Gramma Linda? Can I talk to Doane?"
p.s. the colored pencils are a "cow pen"

Speaking of Grandma Linda...we got to visit Ogallala for Labor Day weekend! 

Alice is pretty much smitten with her Papa Bruce and Grandma Linda :) We ate loads of good food, played with all of Grandma's toys, visited Front Street, played in the backyard, and had some good quality cuddles.

a close-up of the shed they are fixing with reclaimed barn-wood

loved this shot on their property - isn't the golden hour magical?

It was a great way to wrap up our August! Can't believe we're onto September already...

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