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Boots for Alice & Mama

I have the hardest time finding boots for Alice to wear in the winter that are 1. weather-proof, and 2. cute. Is that such an unreasonable criteria? From my fruitless searching, I have discovered that all "girl boots" are uggs, suede, or patent leather and completely impractical, friction-less, and non-waterproof. Why oh why can't they be functional and adorable? After no such luck, we made our own.

GAP always has practical boots for boys - it's where we bought her boots last year, too - so as soon as they hit the shelves this fall, I walked in with my 40% off coupon and scored these "boy" duck boots for $22:

Score! GAP 3M thinsulate boots + $2 shoelaces = Alice's Winter Boots

Before & After

Much improved!

For $25, Alice has cute boots that she can actually wear outside and play in...and...Milo can wear them once it's his turn! And that is how this mama saves money - gender-versatile footwear.

As for me, I was really pining after these boots from Pierrepont Hicks, but the reality was that while they were adorable (and seriously make my heart pitter patter), they were also suede, and suede-bottomed shoes in a Nebraska winter is just plain stupid. Not to mention, I would have to save for a really, really, really long time for them to be mine. But then, I found these beauties - brand new - for $29 at Half of Half in Omaha.

When I saw them, they were very lightly covered in "bloom," but luckily I knew that was normal and I could easily clean them myself.

I may not look like Pocahontas, but I am so glad to have warm, water-proof boots that are pretty AND practical. (And on sale ;D)

Looks like Alice and I are ready to take on the winter!

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