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Milo | 1 Mo.

Milo, I can't believe you've been here a whole month already! You're mellow like your daddy, cute like your sister, and beloved by us all. My favorite moments are when you smile at me after you eat, a mouthful of unswallowed milk running out of the corners of your mouth :) You are a solid baby boy sporting ginger hair, dark eyes, and some sort of expression - whether perplexed or overjoyed. Your gummy smiles make my heart melt. So glad God gave you to us.

foxy pjs

Alice trying to teach you to high-5...

...and pound it

got one ;)

you did it!
Maybe not the typical milestones, but ones we celebrate anyway.

Alice kind of loves you.

So do we.

Happy 1 Month, Milo! 
We love you beyond measure.


p.s. birth story & Christmas card photos to come...

Christmas Card Photoshoot!

Alice at the Park