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Milo's Most Magnificent Quilt

My Gramma Alice makes the loveliest quilts, so when we found out that Milo was on his way last year, we got to work! I had seen some simple ideas that I liked on Pinterest so Gramma let me tag along to the fabric store in Fremont - Country Traditions - and pick out fat quarters to my heart's content. Blues, grays, and hints of orange and yellow. We had a ball pouring over the ones we wanted.

Knowing how particular I was, Gramma graciously let me arrange them how I wanted while she sewed them together. After moving them around on her felt wall, I came across the notion of translating the ombré effect into quilting - high contrast blocks on one end enveloped in a light border and low contrast blocks on the other surrounded by a dark border. Gramma found the loveliest (and undoubtedly most expensive) bolt of fabric in the store - white to gray ombré. It felt like silk and has the prettiest sheen.

After all that, she took it to a lady for quilting and the design is reminiscent of a Greek key, or meander pattern. Very masculine. It's large - big enough for a twin bed - so he'll be able to use it once he grows out of his crib, and hopefully when he's a grown man. But I'm not rushing that yet :)

the effect

our special detail

I asked Papa Milo if we could use a pocket from one of his old shirts to put on the back and he gave Gramma a brand new shirt for it :D Isn't it the sweetest? Papa has worn these same shirts as long as I can remember. I asked him to write Milo a letter a while back, so someday when Milo takes his quilt I'll put the letter inside from his Great Grandpa Milo.

this boy.

I love this little boy.

Any other artists nerding out right now? 
Come on...primary triadic color scheme!
And socks. I love his little socks.

Milo's smile sequence: 

Did you smile? 
I bet you did.
I bet you still are!

Thank you, Gramma Alice, for Milo's Most Magnificent Quilt.
It's a treasure, and so are you.
Sure do love you!

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