Sunday Morning Milo | Argyle & Anchors

Here is our dapper little gentleman sporting his adorable onesie bowtie-cardigan our good friend Annie gave him when he was born. Isn't it perfect?!

Milo is a much more accommodating model than his sister...

blue steel

stoic - and slightly unamused

that eyebrow!

sister attack

unintentional headlock

help! I'm being held captive by a crazy toddler!

the joy of unbuttoning pants after a big meal

Anchors & Argyle

(Doesn't that sound like the name of some hipster brand? You can pretty much put any two random words together with an ampersand in the middle and you've got a new following.)

pantless and adorable

Those rolls!
If Prince George had playdates, his friends would look like this little guy. So dashing.

Milo's Off-Into-The-Distance look

Thanks for the outfit, Annie! 
It complements that ginger hair and those baby blue peepers perfectly.