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One Dress, All Winter | Postpartum Wardrobe

A couple of summers ago, I gave myself permission to wear one skirt every day and found it to be an incredibly liberating experience (post here). After Milo's arrival late last fall, I've allowed myself this same freedom, and am enjoying it's refreshing advantages all over again.

My needs? Easy, comfortable, machine-washable, stretchy, and classy - a tall order. "Stretchy" and "classy" do not usually exist in the same category, but I have found they are by no means exclusive of one another.

A quick pop into our favorite local consignment store (Dundee's Scout - best buys in Omaha!) provided me the perfect gem of a dress in the way of accommodating my changing shape and easy access to nursing at a moment's notice. It was brand new and all of $20 and has been the loveliest answer to my wardrobe needs these past 4 months. Observe...

Karen Kane Dress (here) + 2 adorable accessories = one hot mama

I wear this dress all the time.  When I'm at home all day, I still like to run around in my leggings and tops, but when I'm going out or having friends over, I simply throw this on over my leggings and I'm ready to go. 

Naturally, with having a baby and toddler it is constantly assailed by a collection of bodily fluids (boogers, spit up, name it) but I am happy to report that it has washed and worn wonderfully. Whenever it starts to show signs of fabric fuzz I bust out my trusty Remington Fabric Shaver and it's as good as new. (This little device is probably my favorite thing in the world - I keep all of my clothes, blankets, pillow cases - everything! - looking brand new with this magic tool. I can get a little carried away with it.)

It's soft on Milo's and my skin, and the neckline stretches easily - a must for a nursing mommy. It has retained its shape beautifully, and let me recount the reasons I love "machine washable." No dry cleaning. No extra money. No time spent running special items here and there. Just pop it in with everything else and there you have it. Perfect dress, ready to go. 

As I shrink to my normal size, it will still look good, and when I get back to my current full-figured size 12 I already know it'll look great. Since none of my pants fit just yet, this fits the bill for getting dressed sans stress and not deflating my self esteem every time I step into my closet. 

Now I just need to find "the one skirt to rule them all" for this Spring/Summer :) Three cheers for keeping it simple!

Outtakes...that face of hers. Oh Alice, you crack me up.


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