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Pistachio | Sneak Peak

My sister is launching a new Etsy shop!!!
The name?...


So exciting! Before we knew Alice was a girl, we referred to her as the Peanut. Before we knew Milo was a boy, we referred to him as the Pistachio. :)

Lyn will be selling bibs and other adorable baby/toddler wares in fabrics you won't find sold by anyone else. Our household has pretty much been the sole beneficiary of her incredible talent for quite some time and now she's ready to share it with the world.

Without further adieu, I give you a very small preview of the lovelies that will be available shortly...

Alice the Model

You would not believe the amount of coercing/bribing/theatrics we had to do to get smiles and focus out of this little girl. It was exhausting for all parties involved - Alice was trying (I think) to give us faces, Lyn was stylist/stand-up comedian in order to get laughs (and hence, genuine smiles), and I was busy clicking away and directing. Way more work than expected, but worth it.

Here are a few of my other favorites...



our adorable models

More to come soon!
So excited for you, Lyn!!!

Studio Reveal

January | 2015