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February | 2015

What a fast month, February was! Nothing major here - just little projects in the studio and my adorable tiny brood. Bring on the Spring, March!

Here's a look into a few of our moments last month...

early morning studio light

we made some monsters!
(Alice is obsessed with monsters right now. And she doesn't even watch anything scary! Well, other than the Gruffalo, but does that count?)

Thank you, Acres! 
It was her birthday present last summer, but I tucked it away for a cold day for some much-needed entertainment.
Speaking of entertainment...

our Master Milo is one awfully happy little man

another little present we saved for later was this Christmas gift from Libby & Jack


the many faces of Alice
(my favorite is the deadpan "why am I wearing this thing?" face)
The stickers on the backs of the felt flowers kept falling off, so I sewed them on instead. Ta-da!

very Hogwarts-Weasley-esque, no?
It's entirely possible that I enjoy Alice's blocks considerably more than she does...

these two
they make my heart burst a million times a day
Thank you, God, for my precious babes.
(more photos here)

Valentines for Daddy

Valentines by Alice
The heart and rose stickers I cut out of a packet of address labels our insurance company sent us and the stamp I picked up for $1 at a garage sale in Ogallala.

and a Valentines for Mama, love Daddy
Got Alice a sweet little chambray shirt to match mine :D

Someone got her very own backpack! (post here)
And this little lady's dress was a hand-sewn gift from Aunt Brenda when she was born (with matching headband!). Thank you, Aunt Brenda! She wore it to Gramma Alice's 80th Birthday party last week and looked adorable.

Our Happy, Handsome Ham

Mama got some new toys :D
Red enamel dustpan and Redecker Natural Dustpan Brush from Crate & Barrel. Love doing house chores with beautiful tools!

Minimalist Postpartum Wardrobe | post here

Thank you, Leslie/Mimi!!! We LOVE them. Sorting and making dragons with them is Alice's favorite thing right now.

Milo-Bear: "hey! I'm colorful, too!"
Thanks for my super cute outfit, Bockart Family!

I got the prettiest baby shower invite but didn't want to get rid of it, so I wrote out one of my favorite quotes and washi-taped it to the invite. Presto! Instant "art."
Love a good vignette.

Boy, I love these boys.
Milo's looking more and more like his daddy everyday.

painting time!

Deviled egg-turned-watercolor tray

I've never deviled an egg in my life, but you better believe I snatched up this gold-trimmed tray as soon as I saw it on Blair Swap! (And for only $5!!!)

preview of a little something I made for our first ever niece or nephew!
Post to come :)

sunlit sideboard

JD installed some new magnet locks on the doors so our littles can't access their contents - much safer now! (For them and my stuff.) One of them has glue, spray paint, and other potentially hazardous supplies so we put them all on lock down.

journals and mixed media materials
I love how the locks do their job while not compromising the beauty of this heirloom sideboard on the outside.

mailers for my photography business and a stash of gift bags

brooding already

May I present to you, Mr. Milo Cobain ;)
let's skip the sex and drugs, okay?

a snippet of my mood-board

Foxy February Fun

The other day, Milo and Alice were chillin' in the playroom while I worked next door in my studio, and by the time I came in, I found that Alice had been very "helpful."

"I just asked for one."

Sleeping Milo

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