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Let’s be friends?

Alice & Posy | aka "Grassy Grass"

For Easter this year, we got Alice some kitty ears and a teddy bear from Baby Gap (free with rewards!). She loves to pretend she's Katarina Kitty Cat from Daniel Tiger and wears them everywhere. 

When we were brainstorming names for her flowery pal, I suggested Posy. This name stuck until a few days later when with absolute conviction, Alice vehemently insisted Posy was actually "Grassy Grass." This tug of war went on for all of a minute before I conceded that Posy was indeed Grassy Grass.

Welcome to the family, Grassy Grass. You are now the companion of the most stubborn being in the Hall household.

But who can resist these faces?!

 Oh, Alice, you're such a hoot and I couldn't imagine life without you.


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