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Daddy Time

Hey there handsome guy with the cute kids - you're my kind of man.

We love it when Daddy comes home from work - Alice gets a playmate and I get a break. As soon as we hear the roar of our little neon pull into the driveway, Alice begins jumping and flapping "Daddy! Daddy! Daddeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" as she sprints to the back door to clobber him with kisses or retell stories from the day. Within minutes (and sometimes post-coffee) Alice is usually propped up on his feet flying like an airplane while Milo lays shoulder to shoulder to Daddy and eats his shirt, happily watching Alice giggle in the air.

JD and I handle the littles so differently, but you know what? I like that. And so do the they.

Here are some of my favorites from an impromptu pow-wow in the studio a few nights ago...

flying in for a kiss!

balancing act

Three cheers to a great daddy and partner!
We sure do love you.

Milo the Easter Bunny

March 2015