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In Search of Spring

"Isn't it a wonderful morning? The world looks like something God had just imagined for His own pleasure, doesn't it?"
-Anne, Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

I love Fall - truly, I do - but there is magic in Spring. The world is kissed in green, a gentle shower scenting the air with fresh earth, washing away the dust and the doldrums of winter. It's Spring that my heart and my eyes and my lungs waits for. And all of a sudden my inner poet wants to sing songs and write a line to all of this wonder!

I've been itching to capture it in all it's sprouting, growing glory. Here are the beginnings of Spring at la Casa de Hall...

our lilacs after a spring rain


Alice the Explorer in search of Spring
(Alice was so excited to find moss and buds growing on trees on our nature walk around Neihardt a few weeks ago. And she dearly loves her magnifying glass - thank you, Aunt Lynnie!)

privet hedge buds

Sedum dew

Can anyone tell me what these are? They have the loveliest moody color.

lilacs & sunshine

I've always loved nature, but now that I get to experience it through the eyes of Alice it is even better and more thrilling. Each little flower and leaf holds a secret and watching her discover them makes my heart full to the brim.

Thank you, God, for Spring! For new. For green. For beauty. For fresh starts with no mistakes in them yet. If I didn't know you in any other way, your creation would be enough to convince me that you exist, that you love me, and that you are good. Thank you for eyes that see this riot of color and a nose that smells the earth and bud alike and for ears that can hear the perfect dancing melodies of birds trilling in the lilacs. What a creative Creator you are.

les tulipes | from Bulb to Bloom

la bicyclette et l'éléphant