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la bicyclette et l'éléphant

A new season calls for some new art! Alice and I got busy collaborating on a couple of new rotating pieces for the black frames on the playroom wall.

Earlier in the year we did these:

I bought a pad of paper to fit our frames, as well as a pad of tracing paper so I could do a line drawing and lay it over Alice's colored one. I let her go to town with some pastels - or as Alice calls them, "soft crayons" - and voila!

After she finished her drawings, I hopped onto Pinterest and searched "line drawings" to get some ideas for what to draw on the tracing paper that would lay on top of Alice's designs. Here's what I decided on:

Picasso Inspired Bike Drawing - The Paceline Forum Line drawing 8: Another great example of how a line drawing can be simple but also well defined.

A bicycle and elephant. 
The elephant actually fit perfectly over her swirls! I traced it out with a pencil on top to fit her lines and then committed to a calligraphy marker.


A little something new for the spring.
Happy creating!

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