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March 2015

As our days are getting longer and warmer, we're finding ourselves outside more and more. Sunshine! Dirt! Buds! Allergies! Spring is magic, I tell you.

I love opening up the house to get some fresh air in. Unfortunately, Milo's nose does not. Our poor little man has been off and on congested for a while and he does not like getting his sniffer cleared out.

But while allergies are rotten, we have certainly not given up our pursuit of adventure and fun.

Here's a little snippet of our March...

the world gets a bath

morning light in the dining room

flowers and whisps
This little girl. I could eat her up I love her so.
Post from this shoot to come.

"My mom did this to me."
Milo the Easter Bunny photos to come :D


When asked what superhero Alice wanted to be for Jack's 5th Superhero birthday party, she responded, "a Marty!" Well, hello, Marty. You're adorable.

And so are you my blue-eyed boy!

tent fun under the play-gym    |    kiss

Cell phone in skirt pocket? Check.
Stripes? Check.
Brand new leggings that somehow shrunk 3 inches? Check.
I'm the tallest girl in the world.

"I made a snake, Mama!"
Inspired from these books...

We have been a little obsessed with these books lately. It all started when we saw The Gruffalo on Netflix one night and has spiraled from there. They sit on my desk since Alice has a bad habit of turning into a goat when left alone with a book and I didn't want her destroying these. Honestly, I have more fun reading them than Alice does listening - British voices are my specialty :) 

Another thing I love more than Alice does? Castle-building.

"Look at my little piggie, Mama."
Indeed, Alice! Way to go!!
That's the first time she's ever drawn something that looked remotely like the thing it was supposed to resemble.

On this fine, 78 degree Spring day, Alice absolutely insisted on wearing her scarf. 
"In case my neck gets cold, Mama." Okay, my little orange child, whatever trips your trigger.

balancing act
He's so good at this I don't even have a heart attack anymore!

aversion to the Easter bunny, and any costumed creature
Not quite Donny Darko, but scary nonetheless.

Alice & Pals at the Easter Egg Hunt

searching for eggs

chillin' on the porch while mama and Alice search for some Spring

found some!
Post of the flora around our house to come.

April Fool's!

Daddy Time

Baby Boy in Blue