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A Most Marvelous Mother's Day

After relishing a day full of appreciation and love, I decided to commit it all to words lest I forget just how wonderful my little family is...

12:00 a.m. Milo requests fourth meal/second supper | 3 a.m. Milo isn't hungry - he just wants to chat; pass to JD for a walk | 5:30 a.m. Milo is ravenous; cue pre-breakfast | 7:30 a.m. littles simultaneously wake up; JD promptly whisks them downstairs where he wrangles them and I get an extra 15 minutes of shut-eye | shower and get ready - uninterrupted (absolutely and deliciously glorious) | descend the stairs to Alice's announcement of "doughnuts!" - JD snared some from Jim & Connie the morning before and discover they're still just as good the day after | find two notes on the table just for me. One records the following conversation: "Alice, can I ask you some questions?" "Daddy! My shoooooooow stopped!" "What do you love about mama?" "A" "That's not an answer..." "Ummmmmm...flying with mama!!!" "What does mama smell like?" "That...word." "Okay, you can watch your show." :D Maybe not sentimental, but exactly the kind of anecdote I love, and oh, so, Alice. The second note informs me that the Husband has put away some extra money in our Italy funds for our trip next Spring. !!! | a third note I find on my phone via text from the Husband that reads "An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels." Awww. I'm a puddle of goo | enjoy said doughnuts and a freshly pressed espresso made by the Mister. Maple syrup and heavy whipping cream were involved. I'd call them garnishes, but the truth is, I like a little coffee with my sugar and cream | ready the littles | dress like a hot mama | pack and out the door for Milo's baby dedication! | be surrounded by family and friends, our community who will pray and promise with us to raise Milo to know Jesus | watch Gramma Alice and Alice sit together - kindred spirits spanning 4 generations | hold my squirmy, smiley baby while we sing to our God | ditch heels and pencil skirt for knit and sandals | impromptu mama photoshoot by our bridals wreath - quite possibly the best present ever | cuddle Milo for some second breakfast | score 2 Blue Bunny half gallons for $2.77 a piece! | listen to Milo giggle at his big sister all the way to the farm. He loves her so much | feast on three helpings of my sister's cheesy ham and hash-brown casserole (and maybe a glass or two of moscato) for the brunch she is throwing in honor of me and mom | listen to the rain shower, eyes savoring the green and grey | talk and laugh and hug my family | head home for a nap and Milo milk-time | luxuriously edit photos while Milo stretches his nap into 2 and a half hours - thank you, son - and Alice plays in quiet time by herself | use the restroom - with the door closed (it's the little things) | race to Scooter's for a BOGO drink before closing - Peanut Butter Cup Espresso Blender! | leisurely shop for groceries with my little family | stand in awe at how the golden sunlight pouring out of the sky illuminates every hill and tree and at how fresh and clean the world looks after a day of washing as we stand in the parking lot | subsequent puddles! | pizza I didn't have to make | homemade raspberry vinaigrette for a salad with feta, green apples, and toasted pine nuts | Milo needs supper, too! | dishes - yes, dishes - but I don't mind :D I'm still a wife and a mom and things need to get done. They're much easier to do when you've been treated like a queen all day | Skype with Grandma Linda and Papa Bruce | put away the laundry and pick up odds and ends | the Husband takes the children to bathe them while I get to use my friend's Dyson one more day! I took great pleasure in vacuuming my home with no interference. The tank was full and I only just did it 5 days ago! So satisfying...| cuddle time during Milo's supper and bedtime | Milo decides he is now full, but still awake; pass to the Husband for a walk | clean aforementioned vacuum so as to deliver in condition as good as received - so much dust! | sit to reflect on my most marvelous Mother's Day | decide I am a very lucky mama indeed


another kindred spirit
little do you know he was actually trying to eat them, and not smell them...still looks sweet though, no?

Milo eating my scarf | Alice falling off | Mama laughing at failing

still eating, still falling, still laughing

Alice & Milo, I love love love you and I love being your mama.
To my partner, my husband. my best friend: Mother's Day was lovely. Thank you for honoring me and caring for me in all of those little - and big - details. I love being your wife and help-mate.
God, thank you that I still have my own mama to talk to and spend time with. Help me appreciate her more.
And as always, thank you, God, for my little family.

Alice the Reader | "No Commonplace Soul"

Milo | 6 Months