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Alice & the Door to Wonderland

My friend, Amelia, began selling these darling little tooth fairy doors recently and as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted one for Alice. Not just for tooth fairies, but for magic. It was a door to a new world where there could be any adventure waiting for her. (She is Alice, after all. What could be better than a door to Wonderland?)

I asked Amelia if she would be willing to make an exchange: one magic door in return for professional photos she could use on her Etsy site. To my delight, she agreed! A win-win all around!!

All week, I started unraveling stories to Alice about a tiny magic door. One such story I invented goes something like this...


"Once upon a time, there was a tiny magic door this big (make a square with hands). Behind the door is a world called Wonderland where the fairies and other magical creatures live. Oh, and Tinker Bell and the rest of Pixie Hollow are in Wonderland, too. And so is the Tooth Fairy! When you lose a tooth, you place it gently under your pillow. Once you fall asleep, the tiny magic door appears on a wall in your bedroom and the Tooth Fairy quietly flies to your side to collect your baby tooth. After placing it in her tooth pouch, she gives you a special gift for giving her your tooth. Then she flits back to the door, locks it, and the door disappears until the next time you lose a tooth. Only for that short moment is the door open to Wonderland.

One night, a little girl named Alice who had lost a tooth, awoke when the Tooth Fairy was laying her special gift under her pillow. "Oh, you are beautiful!" she said to the fairy. The fairy, who didn't often speak with the little children she visited - because they were asleep - was caught off guard by the little girl's sweetness and responded, "why thank you!" and glowed extra bright at the compliment. Alice smiled adoringly and they knew at once that they were kindred spirits. The Tooth Fairy rested lightly next to her new companion on the pillow and began sharing all sorts of tidbits with the girl. "Tooth Fairy, what's your name?" asked Alice. The Tooth Fairy, who rarely revealed her name in the world where people lived confided, "here I am the Tooth Fairy, but where I live, I am called Leonora." "Leonora!" Alice gasped, "what a lovely name! It fits you just right."

They talked and talked like long lost friends, but little Alice began to yawn despite her excitement. It was the middle of the night, after all. "When can I come and visit you?" asked Alice, suddenly gripped with longing to see her new friend at her home. Leonora suddenly looked sad and her light dimmed. "I'm afraid you can't - you see, you are much too big to enter my world. You couldn't even put your arm through the door." Determined to make the journey, Alice resolved to find a way.

Leonora sighed and told Alice that she still had a great many children to visit that night and that she needed to be on her way. Alice was tired and heartbroken - as most are when they must be torn away from a new kindred spirit - and gave Leonora a butterfly kiss and trailed lovingly after her to the tiny magic door. Leonora opened the door and gave Alice a peek inside her world - a peek that would only make Alice curiouser and curiouser. 

"Oh, it's beautiful, just like you!" Alice exclaimed. She yearned to explore the dark feathery trees and trails that led to all manner of interesting places. "I will find a way to visit you, Leonora." Leonora gave Alice a butterfly kiss in return with her wings on Alice's upturned cheek and said "I hope so, my little friend" with all the sincerity her tiny personage could muster, the smallest tear drop rolling down her cheek. Then she swished through the door, closed it gently, and she and the door vanished as Alice heard it lock.

Such sadness. But such hope! An adventure awaits!!

Alice resolved to find a way to Wonderland and her new friend. The next time she lost a tooth, she would be ready to set out on a new adventure..."


Isn't it fun?! It could go so many places. Heck, maybe I'll illustrate it and make her a sweet little book! I think someday that the Shire and Narnia and Hogwarts will be in Wonderland, too. We'll have to draw a map of all the magical places we find in our books. I know this tiny door is a physical manifestation of the idea of an entry way to other worlds, but I hope she realizes that books are the same thing. They just don't have door knobs :)

Thank you, Amelia, for sharing your tiny tooth fairy door with us!

my little Alice in Wonderland

Alice, I love to make magic for you and with you. You are so ready to believe and delighted to pretend. You make it magical for me, too, dear one.


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