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April | 2015

"'And you know, one can dream so much better in a room where there are pretty things.'"
-Anne, Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

I can't help but wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment, especially when that room extends to the great, green still outdoors. It seems the last few months have been a manifestation of that philosophy as we daydream bigger and fuller while we ramble and rove about. My little dreamer has been setting the flowers dancing, tripping from bud to blossom on our sweet, fresh, chilly frolics. (What do you think of that, Lucy?)

This April was full of Easter, the glories of the outdoor world, Alice's spirited discourse, and fun home projects.


my princess of flowers and fairies...

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Easter egg dyeing with Gramma Jo!

and a trip to Ogallala to see Grandma Linda & Papa Bruce

Easter presents

for Alice: teddy bear, kitty ears, and jump rope
for Milo: watering pail and vintage egg

...and a pile of vintage Little Golden Books for each!

Alice the Reader | Alice & Posy (aka Grassy Grass)


Our poor little ginkgo tree survived - but just barely. 
See all of those terrible gashes? There are dozens of them. It might sound silly, but it brings me close to tears every time I see how deeply it's suffered since the storm last summer. Trees are resilient and I'm so grateful ours is strong.
I still need to find its name, but it hasn't revealed it to me yet.

purple hyacinths and a couple of new treasures

I'm so in love with the Anne of Green Gables books. Can you tell? ;)
I allow myself to buy one every month and I have to savor it by only reading one chapter a night. It's like it cleans out my mind and my heart for the day and sets it back on course to being wholesome and light. Lucky for me there are so many!

freshly-cut daffodils!
So cheery :D
(and fellow art nerds - complimentary color scheme!!!)

trying my hand at illustrating - beginning sketches for a possible new children's book a friend wrote

branding mock-ups
Heather Hall Photography & Fine Arts is finally getting a logo!!!
More on that later once I get further along with my graphic designer.

journal collection
I have an addiction - it's silly and small and inexpensive and useful, but an addiction none the less. If I find a journal I like, I just buy it. Here is a little peak into the stash waiting in my drawers.
(But seriously, can you ever have too many moleskins? Methinks no.)

new art for the playroom
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new shelf 
Dad, JD, and I all collaborated to make this fine unit. JD said it right: "You could hang a 50 pound weight from it and it wouldn't go anywhere." Thanks, Dad, for ensuring it's "Kahnk-built."
Spare oak board, upcycled hooks, leftover paint, and screws hidden by hooks.
Cost? $0. Booyeah.

reupholstered dining room chairs
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scored a new mirror on Blair Swap! | created a hallway Reading Nook

light reflections

These colors match my new chairs perfectly :)
Can you see the crackle glaze reflection in the shadow of the apple?
I can't get enough of how light works. It's always surprising me.


Thank you, Rebecca Forsyth at Bungalow 8! You are very aptly named the Hair Goddess.
p.s. if you have long hair, just tell her you want "the Pinterest cut" and she'll make you look wonderful.
p.p.s. taking selfies with a giant camera is tricky and heavy - but I still don't want a smart phone.
p.p.p.s. I spy my first strand of silver...Alice, I dedicate that one to you.
p.p.p.p.s. I've lost 40 pounds! Fifteen to go...

new routine: green smoothies

My friend, Libby, inspired me to incorporate this into my lifestyle and I've been doing it all of April - and love it! I had decided to cut out processed sugars this month and this was a great substitute to feel like I wasn't depriving myself. (p.s. totally fell off the no-sugar bandwagon, but am much more conscious about my sugar intake and decisions). I have only lost a few pounds, but the best benefit is getting my nutrients, especially while I'm breastfeeding. And I'm not sure how to describe it, but my insides just feel better.

I usually go all organic (Dole this week somehow made it into our fridge, though) and have started replacing my lunch with this.
Ingredients: kale, spinach, avocado, yogurt (probiotics), dates or honey (natural sweetener), coconut oil or coconut milk (flavor), cocoa (because, it's cocoa), and water. First I fill it to the top with kale and maybe a fifth water, blend, then fill it to the top with spinach, blend, and then add the rest and blend til smooth. 

love note to Alice from Papa Bear

thank you for the tea cups, Aunt Tracy!

lilac loveliness
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Milo & Millie
bound to be friends :)
Thanks for coming over, Becky!

Country Bible Church Pie Auction Success
Thank you, Darlene Harper, for making such an amazing coconut cream confection. It was worth every penny, especially to beat out your own son in bidding.

adventure walks with these two little explorers

les tulipes
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old leaf from last year

playing outside

my smiley boy
who needs toys when there is grass?

no avoiding these

twirling with dandelions

blossoms & daydreams
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my little dreamer

What a perfectly lovely April we've enjoyed.
Thank you, God, again for the wonders of your seasons. We savor them all.

Alice the Kindred Spirit

Blossoms & Daydreams