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Funnel Cakes & Fun in the Sun

Last weekend we celebrated our great little city of Blair and the Gateway to the West days with all the fun a carnival and parade could muster! Thanks, Blair. We are proud to call this place home.

Funnel cakes and fun for the whole family...

Milo got a new helmet! Thanks, Gramma Jo :D Now we're really ready for all of our biking adventures this summer.

fried dough and powdered sugar? yes, please.
Although, about halfway into it, we had all reached our funnel cake saturation point.

3 blue tickets = one carousel ride = Alice's idea of heaven

Alice on "Rudolph"
Her first go was "Marty" (see zebra behind her), then Rudolph, then a pony.

poor Milo!
this little man did not like the carnival

make that "loathed" the carnival
He was so scared of all the noise and lights! And maybe the carnies, too. Poor boy :( We did a few merry-go-round rides and then biked to Butch's for a sandwich and quiet.

Milo liked the parade much better!
(I love these boys.)
We packed up the bikes, sat with friends, spread out a quilt, slathered on the sunscreen, danced and twirled and gathered candy!!

Alice bustin' a move while the band went by - totally my kid.

practicing her princess wave with her buddy, Jack

Gramma Jo was the scarecrow for the Blair Lion's Club float - which won first place!
It was easily the best of them all. You can't see, but there was an awesome MGM lion painted behind them.

Papa Bear following up on his gator

crazy cars!

the guys on the back of the train were shooting everyone with giant water guns!


Alice loved it :)

and she also loved whoever handed her these fun, colorful glasses!

Milo cuddles!
He sure loves his godmommy, Libby :)

What a great weekend!
Zoo trip photos to come.

The Halls ♥ The Henry Doorly Zoo

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