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It's No Boombox... | Happy Father's Day!

John David Hall, you are truly one of the best dads I've ever witnessed, and our children are lucky to have you for theirs. You are patience personified, always ready to make mischief - I mean, fun - and daddy/diaper duty is something you welcome. Alice is growing up knowing what a real man looks like - one who opens doors, praises her intelligence and resourcefulness, assures her she's beautiful, loves her mama, and serves our God. And to Milo you've shown what a gentleman is and that great men make sacrifices but aren't too cool to play with their kids and wash the dishes. By being a loving husband who honors me above all others and not afraid to show it to the world, you've given them (and me) the greatest gift of all - a solid foundation and a lifetime of love.

Husband, I'm so full of joy that you are the father of our children.

Thank you for everything you do and are.

it's no boombox :)

we love you, daddy!

and grass...we really love grass.

this man

Cheers to you, Husband. You really are the best.


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