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May | 2015

"'I just feel tired of everything sensible and I'm going to let my imagination run riot for the summer.'"
Anne, Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

Anne, I couldn't agree more.

Giggles and gardening and growing - golly, what a fun May we had!


Happy Half Birthday, Milo!
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gardening buddies
Papa Milo came to visit and planted some of his volunteer asparagus in our garden - thank you!


bubble blowing
Thanks for inviting us to your birthday party, Annabeth! Alice loved your car.

happy Anna
such a cute birthday girl!

speaking of cute...

Serious faces, but aren't they so sweet
Those big eyes, darling noses, and perfect lips - oh! You two melt this mama's heart.

Alice's castle
You have no idea how happy this makes me. She is my child after all.
And I love how she builds as a kid - no rules, no preconceived notions of symmetry or balance. Anything goes so long as it doesn't topple over. And if it does fall? So much the better! Such a fresh perspective.


"Okay sis, get off me."

love note from Gramma Jo

Gramma Jo & her grandbabies

rain drops
We have had the loveliest rainy spring and I can't help but take photos around the house. (Whenever I see that giant drop, the voice of Forest's friend, Bubba, floats into my head: "Big ol' fat rain.")

bridals wreath | indoor greenhouse

crayons and peonies

blooming peonies
Every time I see the flora around our home, I feel so grateful to those who left us such a beautiful legacy.

fresh bouquet and quick sketch for a grieving friend
Sharing our flowers brings me so much joy. I know I don't spend money and oftentimes the arrangements arrive in a plastic cup, but you can't beat the look and smell of a flower cut 5 minutes ago!

Alice & the Door to Wonderland
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Thank you, Amelia, for the tiny magic door! We've been enjoying all of its enchantments and endless possibilities.

my laundry assistant

"I also love boxes for my play gym."

this man still makes me all twitter-pated | post on The One Skirt All Summer to come

stop growing right this instant Milo David Hall!

SIFTED got a makeover!
I've been in seventh heaven all weekend creating blog banners and reorganizing posts on the site. So happy to pretty up and clean up my space. Hope you all enjoy!
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first family bike ride!

of course it was to go to ice cream at Butch's ;)

moonlit tulips
Actually, I took this in full sun but accidentally sped up my shutter speed and wound up with a shot that looks glowy and romantic. Serendipitous! Oh, you want more romantic photos? Let me give you some...

A Most Marvelous Mother's Day
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Alice the Car Washer
Showing daddy how it's done.
(navy Babygap eyelet hat + $1 thrift shop polka dotted twirling swim suit + Alice's wardrobe staple boots = one ready-to-clean girl)

who needs a sponge?

not this girl!

Every month just keeps getting better.

Funnel Cakes & Fun in the Sun

Composting | "Black Gold"