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Jack & Alice at the Joslyn | Another Adventure

Two weeks ago, the littles and I picked up our friends Jack and Libby and headed into Omaha for a day of wandering, wondering, and wiggling.

Jack is a whole two years older than Alice, but he might just be her favorite little pal. They've grown up together since Alice was a baby (Jack still sometimes calls her "Baby Alice") and he's become a sort of big brother and role model for her. You couldn't have picked a better one, Alice! And his mommy, Libby, is one of my absolute dearest friends and I'm not quite sure how I could do life without her.

After refreshments at a cute little coffee drive-thru in Dundee, we headed downtown to the Joslyn Art Museum where we were continuously amazed at all the adventures for us and our littles. It's not just a place to look at art - although it is exceptional at that. What I couldn't get over was all of the interactive magic available! Behold...

children before Chihuly
This glass blown structure is incredibly vibrant, but the black and white brings focus to Alice's & Jack's gently clasped hands and upturned faces.


tossing pennies and making wishes

A new favorite place is on the lower level - Art Works, A Place For Curiosity...

decorating a faux Grecian vessel on a turn table

Alice choosing colorful discs and shapes to make her own 3D structure

Milo & Libby

Jack making his own stop-motion animation story

still-life drawing horses
I have GOT to make one of these!

pencil behind the ear, "just like mama" :)
I didn't realize I did it so much until Alice started copying me. It's one of the sweetest things she's adopted - makes my heart fit to burst!

cozy in the curiosity corner

one more peek at the Chihuly

splashing around the sculpture garden


After a change of clothes for Alice, we laid out a picnic quilt in the grass and enjoyed a lovely lunch al fresco. 

hugging 22 1/2 degrees with Crayon Tips

Yellow Ascending

Libby taking a moment to tell Jack about bees and pollen.
I just love this photo - Jack's countenance, the assuring hand on his shoulder (her hand says so much - "I'll keep you safe," "I'll usher you into this world," and the wedding band says "I'm committed to your daddy so you'll always have a safe home to grow up in"), the flower in focus. Everything about this sums up Libby's great heart for her son and showing him the world.

They both intuitively knew this was not a Pencil Bench - this was a rocket ship!
p.s. Kitty ears or bull horns? Depends on the moment and mood.


monkeying around Noodles and Doodles

I think it's safe to say we all loved the Joslyn. - so many places to play!
Can't wait to go back :D

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