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June | 2015

"The air was sweet with the breath of many apple orchards, and the meadows sloped away in the distance to horizon mists of pearl and purple; while
The little birds sang as if it were 
The one day of summer in all the year."
-Anne of Green Gables, L.M. Montgomery

Out of all of the months, June is my favorite, beating out the advent of spring in April and the magic of fall in October. Why? What could be better than green things springing up from the ground after months of brown and boring or luscious apple orchard rovings? June is a month of celebrations for me. It's my birthday month (29 this year!), our anniversary (9 - wow, that went fast), the birthdays of my blog and photography business, and Gateway to the West days complete with funnel cakes, lights, and merry go rounds. Our garden begins to give us her fruits and we spend many a late afternoon sprawled on a quilt in the shade of our front yard while we play and lounge and twirl. And the nights? Oh, the nights. Warm, light, green, and full. Yep, June is certainly the dearest to my heart.

Here's a little snippet of our adventures this June...


strawberries & sugar snap peas

kale & cilantro

sifting compost
Mister Mister, you are mine all mine.

"no pictures, please"

daddy & Milo

Milo & Alice
poor Milo did not like the carnival

but Alice loved it!
post here

dancing to the drum line

first zoo trip of the summer!
post here

Narnia Closet makeover

post to come!

enjoying our Not a Box
post here

Garage sale find turned fun!
Makeover post here


Milo post blueberry-sweet-potato-mash dinner
he loves being messy :)

our wedding dates
Congrats again, Becky & Dave!
the festivities were too much for Milo, but Alice loved them :)

"I work just like daddy."
Alice got some new kid gloves from Bomgaars, and they are adorable.

the boy sleeps

"Mama, I drew you!"
Alice's first drawing of a person.

daddy got a new toy
Thanks, Josh!

Ted & Walley's date after a headshot photoshoot in the Old Market

this girl
I love this girl.

Thank you, God, for June, for my adventurous daughter, for my charming prince of a son, for my handsome partner, for my encouraging friends, and our wonderful home and plot of earth. You are an extravagant giver.

Thank you.

Milo | 8 Months

Alice the Lightening Bug Whisperer