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Milo & the Sugar Snap Peas

Nearly every night Milo plays on a blanket in the grass while daddy - and sometimes all of us - works in the garden. Last night he even helped me harvest sugar snap peas! Our little helper held the colander and sampled the greens (quality control) while I picked and tossed.

that ginger swirl
still in awe that we get a red headed boy - it's just the sweetest

"I'm not too sure about this one..."

 I think he likes them.
Provided plenty of entertainment, all around!

Once we pick a bowl full, I always mean to fry them up in butter and salt, but the truth is they don't make it into the house. Between me and Alice, JD hardly gets a bite because we devour them raw. Hope you learn to get in on the goodness, too, Milo! Sure do love having you in our gardening escapades, little man. Those baby blues and constant jabberings never grow old. I'm excited for you to do more than eat grass and clover :)


Alice the Lightening Bug Whisperer

Not A Box