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Pastries, Fossils, & Coffee | An Adventure to Lincoln

Last week, JD took Wednesday off so we could go on an adventure to Morrill Hall in Lincoln! Alice has been getting into dinosaurs lately, and I had fond memories of visiting when I was a kid. so off went on an expedition to our state's great capitol and saw what there was to see.

All trips to Lincoln begin with a stop at our favorite bakery - Pan Dulce - for churros, turnovers, and chorizo and jalepeno bolios. Once well-stocked and heavy laden with pastries, we drove over to our museum destination on UNL's pretty campus and enjoyed a packed picnic lunch al fresco.

Rested and ready to be amazed, we went into the Hall of Elephants and Mammoths...

...and we were amazed, indeed.
(Had to put her in chambray for such an adventurous adventure. Had to. 
We also might be matching...)

Alice the Adventurer protecting her baby brother, Milo the Meanderer

"I'm good, sis. I think I'll check out this baby mammoth. Catch me later."

Can you believe these lived in Nebraska?! Blows my mind.
Oh, and now whenever Alice hears the word Nebraska, her first response is "Did you know Nebraska was once under water?" Such a sponge!

The murals in this museum are absolutely stunning.
The detail and color and life-likeness are so worthy of praise and admiration. I would go back just to pour over every square inch. Especially to imagine our Nebraska landscape dotted with these giant creatures!

waving to all the woolies

"Hi, guys. It's me - Milo. Just wanted to say 'hi,' too."


Alice & the Allosaurus
She thought it was pretty great that they named a dinosaur after her.

Emergency fire alarm break!
Everyone out.

but let's be engines made her day even better!

Perfect time to break out our Mexican panaderia cookies :)

Now back inside for the Marties!

"Mama - they have MARTIES!!!!"

"Hi, Marties!!!!"

One happy little Marty.
Too bad we left her zebra blanket at home or she would have fit right in.

Alice & the Alligator

tooth inspection

Alice the Archaeologist
she loved digging and brushing bones

You guys. This is a painting. At the back of an exhibit. !!! 
Isn't it just incredible?

They clean their glass too well, though - Alice walked straight into it, full force of an excited toddler. (Yes, it was hilarious and yes, we hugged and comforted her. And yes, we laughed a little, too...)

These paintings.

"Don't let it get me, Daddy!"

fish in the floor

Alice's growing rock collection
I always collected rocks when I was little and Morrill Hall was one of my favorite places to gather from. (I actually still have mine in a little treasure box that I'll give to Alice and Milo soon.) The other day, Alice came home from my parent's farm with one little gold rock and said "Look, Mama! I have a rock collection!" :D We turned her "collection" of one into more.

granita goodness
The one other place we always hit up in Lincoln is The Mill in the Haymarket. This is our absolute favorite spot. My drink of choice? The Granita: toddy-slushie of champions.

And there are planes - lots of planes! Alice loves it here.

And coffee. She really loves coffee. Daddy gives her the last few drops in the cup.

my babes
Milo is a sleepy sack of potatoes in my arms and Alice is the hammiest ham in all the land.
(Told you - matching shirts. I can only do this for so many more years, people, before Alice refuses. Don't judge.)

I will cherish this picture forever. Thanks, Love, for snapping it and for taking the day off.

Lincoln, 'twas a pleasure! Thanks for a most splendid adventure. We can't wait to visit again.

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