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A Most Marvelous Monday Morning | Babes, Berries, & Bare Feet

Have I mentioned I love being a stay at home mama? I never dread Mondays. Mondays are...dare I say it?...


This morning was a particularly lovely one. We woke when we were ready and wandered out to the garden to play a bit. I needed to tie up some tomatoes in the new towers we built (for $0!) and pick some raspberries. This morning's attire was a bare face, bare feet, black slip, and wide-brimmed sun hat. I love having a privacy fence :)

After picking our garden's bounty, we went inside and washed a grassy, juicy Milo in the sink. Then Alice requested some french toast to accompany her raspberries, so we made a berry reduction and readied our batter for the bread. Once it was on the table, we slathered everything with liberal amounts of Nutella and raspberries and tucked in to a decadent brunch.

I washed dishes and did a load of laundry. Milo napped. Alice enjoyed an episode of Kipper on Netflix. 


 A luxurious Monday morning indeed...

new neighbor


Look who stands wherever he wants!

tomato towers

My last few years of using tomato cages were problematic - the tomatoes would get so heavy and tall that they would just topple over. This year, I resolved to make something better. My uncle works at the lumber mill in town and brought me some scrap wood they were going to discard. JD salvaged screws from our old fence and cut the wood with our miter saw so we could build 5 towers for zero dollars! They're not perfectly straight in the ground, but they work and my tomatoes are tied and training upwards and off the ground.

baby eggplant

french toast, fresh raspberry reduction, and cold brew


blue eyes getting a bath

Cheers to babes, berries, and bare feet :D

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