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July | 2015

"Anne was sitting at her open window, for the time forgetful of the...cares of the world, as she drank in the beauty of the summer dusk, sweet-scented with flower-breaths from the garden below and sibilant and rustling from the stir of poplars. The eastern sky above the forest was flushed faintly pink from the reflection of the west, and Anne was wondering dreamily if the spirit of colour looked like that..."
-L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

We continue to revel in our littles and their discovery of the world around us. Traditions, garden gems, adventures, friendships...we have certainly been enjoying our summer.

Here's a peak into our July...

our cutie pies
Milo is 8 months old!
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Bruises is his constant accessory.

favorite fourth of July fun

She knows nothing of basketball, but intuitively follows through every time she throws something to get it where she wants

new floppy hatrash guard, & sandals from Gramma Jo
Thanks, Mom/Gramma! We love them!!

I posted quite a few photos a while back, but these ones never made it out into the world.

Mama & Milo

caught these at a rest stop west of York on the way home from visiting Ogallala 

this boy.

Alice the Archaeologist
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giggles & granitas
my little loves

a day of fun at the Joslyn with our friends, Jack and Libby
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Alice's people now have legs, arms, ears, and eyes! This is daddy and Alice.

little artist

date night!
Aunt Lynnie watched the kiddos so JD and I could sneak off for JD's work party. The theme? Flapper. Blinging earrings and pearl strands were as close as I could get. (Side note: I really want to get this man some suspenders. Why on Earth are suspenders so attractive? Urkel was definitely onto something there...)

sprinting through the sprinkler

batter beard
sampling the whisk from the Irish Espresso Brownies for her birthday party

birthday bubbles!

What a great way to end the month. Could it possibly be August already??? Next year we'll be starting pre-school! But for now, we'll just keep playing...

A Most Marvelous Monday Morning | Babes, Berries, & Bare Feet

Alice's Birthday Party No. 3 | Bubbles, Brunch, & Bouncing