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Water Bottle Throwdown | The Mug v Contigo

Lately, I've been seeing all sorts of beautiful water bottles crop up, and it got me thinking: mine is an eye sore. Sure, it's functional, but after using my hospital mug for the last 3 years, I decided it was time for an upgrade.

Except, it's got me wondering if I've really upgraded.

You see, while the Contigo is beautiful and it fits in a cup holder, it's pros stop there. The hole isn't big enough for ice cubes so I drink lukewarm water all day. It's a smaller vessel so it requires more frequent refills. The mouth is big enough that it requires care when sipping so it doesn't slop out the sides and onto your face (daily occurrence). And the base at the bottom isn't terribly wide, so you've got to set it down gently or it topples over. Oh, and no handle.

My giant, unsightly hospital mug, however, holds a whole tray of ice cubes! A full 32 ounces which equals two fill ups per day. I can pop the lid off for easy cleaning. I can slam it down wherever I want with my trusty handle because it's wide and strong. It may be downright ugly - and it will never fit in a cup holder - but...I miss it.

I had a friend at my former job who told me I would love my hospital mug. She carried it wherever she went and I thought she was crazy. I don't think so anymore. I joked with JD that I couldn't wait to have a second baby so I could get another one.

I think I'll try to use my new bottle for a bit longer to make sure I've given it a fair trial, but if I had to choose, I'd pick my big old mug every time.


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