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Alice the Jumping Bean

One afternoon while playing in Alice's room, Milo dragged the quilt off of her bed and it occurred to her that her bed would make a marvelous trampoline! She looked so cute flying in her dress (thank you, Zia!) that I ran for my camera to catch some of her hoppings. (Which is a tricky thing to do when the sun is behind a cloud but you need a fast shutter speed to freeze motion but you don't want a super high ISO because it gets too grainy...photog conundrums.)

Here are a few favorites :)

p.s. aren't Alice's new creations so pretty?! Thank you, Gramma Jo and Papa Bear, for the watercolors and special paper. Painting is her new favorite thing, much to the delight of her mama.

Dress: Baby Gap (gifted from Zia)
Headband: Target (gifted from Libby for her 2nd birthday)
Necklace: Vintage (gifted from Libby for her 3rd birthday)

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