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Alice & the Princesses | A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

You guys.
We met not one, but two princesses last weekend at Super Bee Orchard's annual Applefest!
Of course there was a bounce house and face painting and apple picking and alpacas, but that's not what made this little girl light up. In all of Her Majesty's resplendent attire, Alice was excited to meet Cinderella and Rapunzel.

I found Alice a little blue vintage apron in perfect condition at a thrift store awhile back, so we carefully tied it around her and decorated her with some lovely accessories - a tiara, pearl necklaces (the choker we got 15 minutes before at a church garage sale for $.25!), and as always, her boots - an Alice wardrobe staple, no matter the weather.

Below is Princess Alice ready to meet some "real" grown up princesses.

kindred spirits
Cinderella and Alice having a heart to heart

three princesses
These girls in costume are the most wonderfully kind princesses you could find. They chatted gaily with every child individually and really made them feel special, like they were the only kid in the world. This mama was so grateful for their undivided and lavish attention to Alice while she was with them.


tiara talk

parting farewells

We need to work on yours, Alice.
We'll put that on the agenda for your Princess Academy lessons :)

Thanks again, Super Bee Orchard, and thank you to the two lovely princesses who made this little girl's dreams come true!

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