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Milo | 10 Months

A word from Milo...

I'm a walker! That's right, I'm strolling with the big kids now. No stopping me. Except for the gate. Still have to mastermind that one.
I am currently enduring the arrival of 6 jagged new teeth. I'm so crabby that I basically turn into a cranky Koala bear and mommy has to hold me all day.
Speaking of mommy, I love to smash faces with that lady.
And eat her chin.
And hair.
Any anything of her that I can get my hands on.
I love to dance and swing my arms.
I will laugh at any joke, so long as you laugh first.
"Chase" is the best game in the world. If you run away from me screeching, I have an automatic zombie arm move and will begin chasing you rather choppily with glee.
I can make farting noises on the chair in my room. One of my best discoveries to date.
I am a builder. Alice always thinks I'm coming to knock over her tower (she defensively guards it), but I just want to take the top block off and put it back on. 
I can crawl to the top of the stairs in 10 seconds flat.
I get soooooo excited when Daddy comes home.
Good luck changing my diaper.
Sometimes on a long journey across the living room, I lay down with my face in the carpet and give up for a minute. Then it's back to my adventure as usual.
Eggs are the bees knees. I still love to squish a lot of food instead of eat it (I'm looking at you peaches, grapes, bread, and bananas), but eggs always end up in my belly. Occasionally my hair, but almost always my belly.
If I'm being a grumpus, just bust out your best peek-a-boo game. I'm such a sucker for that one. You'll most likely get my crinkle nose smile. (It's adorable.)
I'm huge now - practically a kid. Maxing out the weight on my carseat, so looks like I'm going to be taking sis's.
My bedtime is a mystery, even to me. I might pass out immediately after my mommy milk, or I might stay awake, sneakily trying to put my fingers in her eyes, nose, or mouth. Sometimes she'll pretend to nibble my fingers (it's hilarious - I mean, I'm not food!) and then she gives up on it all and gives me to Daddy for a night-time stroll.
I do not like to be separated from my mama. Uh uh, no sir, no way are you taking that woman from me. You nursery ladies think it's sweet? I'm going to cry in your face til you give her back.
Watching daddy mow the lawn is easily the most entertaining event of my week. I pound the windows til he looks. I just want him to know I'm his biggest fan. And that I'm still here...still here...I'm still here.
"Ima push you" is maybe even better than "Chase." If mama starts saying "Ima push you," it's about to get real fun 'cause I love to roughhouse.
I love drinking from big people glasses. I usually make a sloppy mess, but I'm so darn proud of it!
Overall, I live a good life.

Milo David Hall, stop growing right now.
I love love love love you.


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