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Starbucks Hack | Coldbrew

Starbucks ranks among lovely scarves and unnecessary (cute!) journals on my Guilty Pleasures List, but after finding a way to make it more economical, it's now closer to a monthly Saturday morning trip to Jim & Connie's Bakery for a raspberry twist and Bavarian-filled long john with chocolate glaze.

Behold, I turn a $4 cold brew into not one, but FIVE drinks!

My methods: free refills on regular coffee and cold brew with a gold card.

Upon arriving, I order a Venti Caramel Cold Brew with extra heavy whipping cream (full fat people - this will probably change when I stop nursing...goodbye easiest calorie burner of my life). After sitting and enjoying said drink with my little family, I kindly ask for my cold brew refill sans ice, cream, and syrup - just cold brew, all the way to the top. (This is always a very confusing request because it's strong and usually requires watering down. But it tastes so much smoother and fuller than iced coffee, so it's worth the additional $.50.)

Once I get my cup of concentrated cold brew home, I divide it between four small mason jars and stash them in the fridge to pull out during the week and add my own sweetened condensed milk and cream.

Mornings just got a little better...and brighter!

Cheers to cheaper coffee :)

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