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A Frolic at Fontanelle Forest | Fall 2015

Last week, my cousin Christie invited us to tag along on an adventure to Fontanelle Forest with her little darling, Mila. What a beautiful place! I had never been before and it was lovely to behold. The boardwalk trail was perfect for strollers. I'd love to go back someday and do more exploring on the miles of other trails winding around the woods, especially in the glory of fall.

Another feature once inside was Acorn Acres, a cute little interactive outdoor space for littles.

Here's a glimpse into our rambling afternoon...

building the beaver dam

Milo the Explorer/Wizard
What is it with kids and sticks? Milo bawled when we had to leave his behind.


Mila the Cutie

merry music making
I can whack this thing with another stick? I'm in!

house keepers

Throwing leaves = untold joy

"so big"

Now get outside!

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