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Let’s be friends?

An October Adventure | Lincoln Children's Museum

A couple of weeks ago, we loaded up the battle wagon and made our way to Lincoln to visit our friends (Alice's godparents) Sam & Angela, along with their two boys.

Sam & Angela have a membership at the Children's Museum and invited us along to experience it, and golly did we have fun! When I wasn't chasing Milo all over making sure he didn't get hurt (seriously, the kid is still attempting omnipresence), we were wiggling through tunnels, climbing into trains and fire engines, wandering through a tree house, or trying our hands at the many activities available to us.

Some photos from our day...

Angela & Alice
Angela patiently spent time with Alice, helping her craft a perfect little parachute contraption to fly in the wind tunnel, making sure it was just right. I love the greens in my life :)

firefighters Alice & Aaron

Officer Alice
Totally rockin' the tough-girl-biker-look.
You can never ride one of these in real life, okay Alice?

Milo Man
His favorite thing there? The vending machines. Of course.

Thank you again, friends, for taking us!
We're always so happy to get to spend time with you :)

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