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The Halls | Old Market

After a photoshoot in the Old Market a couple of weeks ago, The Husband and the littles strolled over to the arch for a mini shoot of our own before eating copious amounts of ice cream at Ted & Walley's (the


). Baklava ice cream...cotton candy ice cream...Fat Elvis (peanut butter, banana, and bacon) ice cream...pumpkin ice cream. No two days are the same. I'm already day dreaming about when we can go back :) Anyone want to do a shoot in the Old Market?

Here were a few favorites of my own little clan...


Always jumping, this little girl, and trying to teach Milo.

Is your heart melting a little? Mind just turned to goo.

These two.

both looking at the same time = heroic feat

my boys

Thank you, God, for my little family.

Pumpkin Patch | Fall 2015

An October Adventure | Lincoln Children's Museum