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Alice the Author

Meet Alice the Author.

A few months ago, Alice began illustrating and narrating her own books, and I was happy to oblige her in writing her imaginings while she dictated. Alice is now the author of three books, and below are snippets of two.

Alice not only makes up books, but she also makes up words. You will find an interesting vocabulary and accompanying meanings below.


Alice the Author

Alice's First Book

"An ochoban sucks your drawers up." by Alice Sophia Hall

"A castle without people. Just carpet and a door."

"An 'ackerfineanatuner' sucks up ducks with a hose.

A happy snowman slides down a slide."

Alice's Second Book

"A duck."

"A 'semole' is a train with no wheels."

"A mouse going for a walk."

"This is a 'seminbibo.' It sucks up cows.

The playground Alice and Milo go to with daddy."

She's super into "sucking things up" in case you didn't notice.





I told her the letters of my name and she drew them.

Out of order, but hey! She wrote my name!

Way to go, my little authoress. I'm incredibly proud of you.



p.s. Thank you, Aunt Sarah, for the new blank books you gave Alice for Christmas!!! Can't wait to create some more.

December | 2015

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