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Best of 2015 | Alice & Milo

Carefully selecting the best photos of my littles is tricky business.

Even with an eye of objectivity, it can be a challenge to separate yourself from a subject that is as dear and close to you as your own children. There are a lot of components that make a great image and I think this set strikes upon a number of them - balanced composition, a creamy depth of field, the quintessential theme of childhood, optimal use of post-processing, a fleeting moment artistically caught, a story told or a memory jogged.

On another note, I love photographing Alice. She is cute, yes, but it's her personality that knocks you over in every photo. Her eyes are always alight with mischief and cleverness, and she has a sense of style to boot. (Speaking of boots...;D) Her cheeks are as round and full as her eyes, and she has the sweetest - and cheekiest - smile, and her little shape is already hinting at slender but graceful curves. I think she's one of the smartest and most beautiful little girls and I feel so lucky to be her mama.

Milo's pretty cute, too ;)

We'll see what happens with that ginger boy, forever running/climbing/banging into the world.

Without further ado... my top 10 best of Alice and Milo.

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