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Frames + White | A Makeover

Frames + White | A Makeover

As much as I love Christmas-time with the tree and lights and decorations, by January 1st I'm ready to start over with a clean slate and start fresh in the house. The new year is when I look back at the projects accomplished and dream about the ones I still want to make happen.

Swapping artwork is on the docket every year, and I had just the thing to use to make updates!

The calendar I bought at Anthropologie for 2015 was full of beautiful watercolor illustrations and I knew they would make the perfect pieces scattered around the house.

With a fresh coat of white on the playroom frames - my decorating answer for everything - they instantly felt more lively and modern.

Enjoy the process to product!


I don't own a mat cutter right now, so instead of borrowing one - or hiring it done - I decided to crop the actual image with a box cutter and mount them on black mat boards I cut to fit the frames. Still looks sharp, but about 90% easier!

la bicyclette et l'éléphant

Last year's project here.

I know I have mentioned it in previous posts, but I am in love with this paint by Benjamin Moore (ADVANCE Waterborne Interior Alkyd Paint). It covers so well and hardens to a shellac that is durable and smooth. I'm still on my first bucket and I have used it on dozens of projects, including painting the upstairs hallway trim and banister and the trim in Alice's room. Totally worth the money.

photo corners


It's all in the details, and I knew things would sing sweeter if they were accented in gold.

glazier points

I mat and frame all of my own work and like to use these little guys to anchor the backs.

Cheers to a new year, new art, and making things you.

Alice the Illustrator

Alice the Illustrator

Paint + Coffee + Light

Paint + Coffee + Light